Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MacBooks and iPhones and Novels, Oh My!

My home computer is out for repairs, so I am blogging from a friend's on my lunch. I keep saying that when my computer finally dies I will get myself a nice new Mac, but as my brother's friend is so darn good at repairing computers, that may take a long time ... kind of a mixed blessing. The Mac vs. PC debate is, for me, a moot point. Where I work, there will never be anything but PC's, but my sister has a MacBook Pro, and whenever I visit her, the first thing I go for is her computer. It's so sleek and easy to use with the "Multi-Touch Trackpad" (didn't know what it was called, so I Googled it), not to mention, it looks darn good, and I just like it.
MacBook Pro

I am also due for an upgrade to my cell phone very soon, and I am seriously considering getting a Smart Phone. I love my phone; I talk on it a lot, and I do some texting. The beauty of the Smart Phone, for me, is the organizational aspect. Although I am leery of using WiFi in public places, the convenience of having something like an iPhone on which I could check my online calendar (including my work calendar) and have everything in one place is enticing. It's as small as a notebook, and could fit in my pocket as I go about my day's work as well, so I could always have my reminders with me.

For me, the temptation would be staying away from all the fun things that come with or can be downloaded onto said iPhone. Hmmm. What to do ...?

On a side note, check out some of these really cool iPhone covers on iPhone 4 Covers Blog .

Or how about these literature themed skins from Out of Print?

I studied all of these in high school and loved them!

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  1. I am so funny but my brain works like a PC more than a MAC. I am surprised I am not filled with more viruses.


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