Saturday, April 30, 2011

And I'm Still On About the Wedding!

Kate changed into another Alexander McQueen gown for the evening party hosted by the groom's father, Prince Charles. She still looks so relaxed. She has always handled herself with such confidence and poise. She is ready for the job that lies ahead of her.

I Can't Stop Looking!

I am so thoroughly enjoying all the coverage of the Royal Wedding. I really couldn't explain why, but I am. I stayed up way too late watching videos and pictures and reading the details of ... everything! Here are two great sites for great coverage:The Official Royal Wedding Site and CTV's Royal Wedding Coverage. Cheerio!

Glamping. Why Didn't I Think of This?

 Go Glamping is " the leading luxury camping directory where you will find yurts, tipis, safari tents, airstream caravans and more...". Now this sounds like my kind of holiday, and this looks like my kind of tent. A real holiday in an exotic location with all the prep work done. How lovely!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Dress For My Sister

                                                                      Love June dress

I found this dress on The Ciara Obscura Blog and immediately thought of my sister. This green is just about her perfect green. It is very close to the color we wore as bridesmaids at her wedding. I love the low back--sexy and classy at the same time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Will and Kate's Big Day!

                                    Photo from the Official Royal Wedding 2011 site.

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching, and as many modern couples are doing, Prince William and Catherine Middleton have a wedding website. As of yesterday, here are some of the guests confirmed to attend. I can't imagine having to think about a guest list of that size (although I suppose there is a large staff assigned to the planning).

And yes, I will be getting up to watch. I think I will probably PVR it, so I can watch it at my leisure and fast forward the boring parts (like where you can't see the dress and flowers).

Redecorating ...

If I have to be honest, although I have been in this house for almost five years now, I haven't really done much (okay, any) decorating. I chose the paint colors when we were building, and that's it. Of course, it does take me an awful long time to make any decisions and to find the pieces I really want to live with.

Up first is my bedroom, and I will be drawing inspiration from the Gypsy Chandelier from Urban Outfitters. Not sure if I will paint yet, as the chandelier offers so many options for color that I think the walls can remain blue. I really like the Euro Bed from Fashion Bed Group (I will order it in white). A new duvet and some fantastic cushions, and the room will have a whole new look and, what's more, a new feel.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Never Want to Let You Go

It's Easter "Eve", and I just finished playing the Easter Bunny (Super Fun), and I was about to get into bed, but my two-year old had a rather long and distressing bout of night terrors. When she finally calmed down, finished sobbing and settled into a restful sleep again, I found that I didn't want to put her down. They are little for such a short time, and for various reasons, I know she will be my last.

Parenting involves so much letting go, over and over, and yet, there is nothing we want more than to hang on to our precious babies. I find that what drives me these days is the determination to soak as much of my children's existence into my spirit as possible. I just don't want to miss it.

And as much as I know they will grow into their own beautiful selves, I never want to let them go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Picture of the Day

                         Photo credit: A Cup of Jo (

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

It is the Wednesday before Easter, and although I have lots of candy bought for my little bunnies, I still have not done any bunny shopping. Tomorrow is crazy with work and appointments, stores are closed Good Friday, and that leaves Saturday, which is really stressing me out. I think once I decide what it is the Easter Bunny is going to bring, I can just go out and get it. Nothing really big; this isn't Christmas. I really like the idea of some Playmobil (perhaps a police helicopter for my big boy and a princess carriage for my big girl). Melissa & Doug also have some wonderful toys that encourage plenty of imaginary play.

Now, if the Easter Bunny were coming to me, he might consider the Brynne Heel from Coach. They are on sale.